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Welcome to the Gundam Wing fanfiction community of LJ!

I'm your host, yellow_shines, and I'm a friendly, fanfic loving gal ^^.

gw_fanfiction is established to review, rec and rant about Gundam Wing fanfiction in a general, non-elitist nor bitchy way. I would like to see this community become a place where aspriring as well as veteran Gundam Wing fanfic writers can exchange their experiences.

List O' Rules:

 Members are welcome to write their own reviews of fanfics. Please refrain from excessive netspeak, and spellcheck your entries. I’m not going to go grammarnazi on anyone (especially since English isn’t my native language), but even I know the difference between their and they’re.
 Please point out at least one good point in a fic. This community is not here to burn a writer down. Please visit another community for laughing and mocking badfic- I really want to keep this a friendly place rather than a cesspool of wank.
 Don’t attack the writer or take your personal vendetta with a writer over here.
 Members are encouraged to discuss/rant/vent about Gundam Wing fanfic IN GENERAL. (that means, no personal attacks on writers, as stated above)
 Recommandations, writing tips, sharing plot bunnies, asking for advice etc. are certainly welcome!
 Opinions/reviews on fics represent the opinion of the poster only. Opinions differ from person to person. Deal with it.
 This community is not meant for posting quiz results, community promotions or anything else OT. I'm not interested in discussions about "Which GW boy is the most hottest pilot" or something like that, take it to the GWA message board . This community is for discussion of fanfic only!
 Poting fanfic challenges, contests or other competitions are allowed.
 Posting your own fanfiction here will automatically be reviewed by me (and by other members if they feel like it).

Please use this form for reviewing:

Name of fic
Name author
Short summary
The good
The bad
The ugly (if applicable)

As said before, I’d really like to see this community turn into a place where fanfic writers can discuss, rant and criticize GW fanfic in a everyday manner. Feel free to put your own two cents into the community and share!

I also created a sister gw_fanfiction community at GreatestJournal.

www. greatestjournal. com / community / gw_fanfiction

Visit ygo_fanfiction! ^___^